2013 Weatherization Day Success!


This year’s Weatherization Day was a great success! Incredible volunteers and generous sponsors greatly reduced our project home’s air leakage and greatly improved its building envelope and efficiency with the addition of subfloor insulation! Actual results indicated:

  • A 25% reduction in annual energy costs, totaling $511 in annual savings
  • A 21% reduction in whole-house air leakage and a 52% reduction in duct leakage
  • Eliminating 3 tons of CO2, 16 lbs of SO2 and 4 lbs of NOx emissions
  • Improved comfort, indoor air quality and peace of mind for the family

These achievements were made using the efforts of over 40 volunteers, one half gallon of mastic, 4 rolls of weatherstrip tape,10 cans of spray foam, 12 tubes of caulk and over 1,100 square feet of insulation.

See this year’s photos on our Facebook Page! Video of this year’s event is also available.

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